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Peacefield Speaker Series ”The Power of Authentic Connection”

Peacefield Speaker Series ”The Power of Authentic Connection”.
Come meet our dear friend Dr. Keith Bernardo! Keith is a licensed psychologist and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Social Organizational Psychology. He is as brilliant as he is warm and kind - he was one of our first supporters at Peacefield sponsoring Toby with his husband Rob! He will be giving a talk at Peacefield on Thursday September 5th at 6:30 pm titled "The Power of Authentic Connection”. It will focus on human connection, how to make it better, what it actually does to our brains, and what it does to our sense of self and our creative potential. It touches on the connection from the maternal fetal bond to the loss of connection from death and tragedy. The talk will last about 40 minutes with a Q&A at the conclusion. This will be a very special event that you will not want to miss, we would love to see you there! This event is free and open to the public. We’ll begin with a mini farm tour and then dive right in. To RSVP! or on Facebook