What is a Farm Sanctuary?

A farm sanctuary is a place of peace. A place where rescued farm animals are able to live out the rest of their lives surrounded by love. Here is our crew so far. They are given names, medical care, friends, and the room to shine as the wonderful individuals they are. We ask and take nothing from them. The residents at Peacefield are ambassadors for their brothers and sisters who aren’t as lucky. Through farm tours visitors will see that when you look in to their eyes someone is home - and we hope that plants a seed of compassion that will flourish in to a vegan lifestyle. Visitors will be able to interact with, brush, and possibly get a kiss from some of the crew. However, unlike a petting zoo, it’s up to the animals. If they want their space we give it to them, if they want a hug and a selfie that’s cool too. Peacefield is just getting going but below are a few videos of what we hope to be.

Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui

This was the first sanctuary we ever visited and it changed our lives and planted the seeds of Peacefield! Laurelee, the founder of Leilani is a hero, and her model is everything we hope to be. It was an honor to make this film for her (John’s day job 🎥).