Here are a few of the people that have been instrumental in our journey


Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

We owe so much to Dr. Greger that it's hard to put in to words what he means to us. His New York Times bestselling book "How Not to Die" absolutely changed our lives for the better and we're forever grateful. His grandmother was given a few months to live by her Doctors, went on a plant based diet and lived another 30 years. Dr. Greger donates ALL the proceeds from his books and speaking fees to charity. He does it as a labor of love and tribute to his Grandmother. His non-profit nutritionfacts.org, youtube channel, and podcast are invaluable. Dr. Greger's book not only changed our lives but my family's as well. My mom went all in, lost over 50lbs, and runs half marathons. Thank you will never be enough to Dr. G, but for lack of better words, THANK YOU! 

Laurelee Blanchard, Founder of Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Laurelee left a lucrative career in Real Estate Services to devote her life to animal protection and humane education. In 1999, she cashed out her life savings and moved from Orange County, California, to Haiku, Maui. There she acquired an eight-acre parcel of land, on which she created a farm sanctuary—a refuge where animals would be protected from neglect, abuse, and slaughter.

Leilani Farm Sanctuary, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, is now home to nearly three hundred rescued animals, including goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, donkeys, geese, deer, cats, pigs, sheep, turkeys, guinea pigs, tortoises, and a cow. The Sanctuary provides educational programs for school groups and special-needs visitors; it also offers tours to the general public.

Here is a video we made of Leilani. It’s everything we want Peacefield to be someday!