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Balboa Towers 🌃

The Peacefield chicken houses. Their doors are on automatic timers so every morning at 8:00am EST you’ll see them head out for the day and then at 8:45pm they close - although the birds tend to put themselves to bed about an hour before sunset. During the day they come in and out to eat, drink, and nest. You might even get a peak at us cleaning up after them.

Toby’s Pool 🏝

Toby has many acres to roam so you might not always catch him taking a dip but he does love his pool. You might see him making a mud bath, rooting around, playing with his favorite toys (buckets) and sometimes the birds even come to visit.

Aviary 🦃

The aviary holds another flock of birds and our baby pig brothers Orson and Clancy. Ones the boys are big enough they’ll be transferred to a pasture. The bird residents are Mary (turkey), Raymond (rooster), Sophie (hen), and two guineas that have yet to be named.