Vegans shouldn't talk about animals?

Here we go, our first post. I can already feel myself wanting to say everything but I'll try and pace myself. What is Peacefield? Right now it's our thoughts, a website, cooking classes, resources, and support - and one day hopefully an actual place where rescued farm animals can live out their lives in peace. 

After going completely whole food plant-based/vegan (WFPB) something happened that was totally unexpected. We've always been serious animal lovers, in fact our family goal/motto is to make sure Judy, our eldest child/dog, has a fun day. My day job is pretty awesome, but when work gets tough as a motivation I usually think about all the fun stuff we'll be able to do with Judy that this work makes possible. We've been lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing vacations but if you see us smiling on instagram past day 3 just know that's fake and we're really missing Judy and counting down the days till our reunion.  I mean I gently escort spiders out of the house, so that's the level we're dealing with here. However, after changing the way we ate we found our connection to, and passion for, our fellow creatures to skyrocket. This is sort of a double edged sword because in addition to our deepening love for animals our eyes were opened even wider to all the suffering, neglect, and mistreatment of those innocent beings caught in the food chain. Don't worry, I won't detail examples or post upsetting photos, but if you have any doubt a quick google image search of industrial farming or watching one of the many documentaries on Netflix should suffice. It's horrific and even the best case scenario is heart wrenching. And just in case I'm losing your attention, abs - yes you can get abs

As we changed out diet something else happened, our bodies began to firm up and our recovery time between workouts and runs basically disappeared. This was also surprising as we've been endurance althletes for some time.  Orangetheory, yoga, long runs and ultra marathons had been routine for a while but all of the sudden we didn't need as many rest days and we were setting personal records - all the while being fueled only by plants. In addition to losing weight, sleeping better, having more energy, and just being happier I'd say I felt 20 years younger, but that would be a lie, I don't think I've EVER felt this good. Animals get released from their misery and humans can tap in to a fountain of youth - this seems like a win win.

So why don't some vegans want to talk about animal rights being a motivation? It's because the science on the health benefits of eating WFPB is so strong that it almost seems too good to be true, and that when others hear our passion for animals they'll assume it's all made up and discount the science and our personal testimonies. Which makes sense. The number one killer of men and women in America is heart disease. There is no medicinal cure. None. If one was created that person would be awarded the nobel peace prize and would become insanely wealthy. Heart disease is reversible only by eating WFPB. Let that sink in. Our biggest killer is cured by eating plants, how is that not on the news every night?! I'll admit when I learned this I thought it was made up. I like to think of myself as educated, in to nutrition, and yet had no idea. So it makes sense that when something already sounds too good to be true adding animal rights on top of it can be too much. But I trust that you can hold these two truths together at the same time - and if I know you IRL I'm asking to take any personal influence/capital that I've earned over the years and cash it in on giving the ideas on Peacefiel a serious consideration.

And while I certainly want everyone to feel as healthy as I do my evangelism is fueled by my love for, and repentance to, some of the kindest, most innocent creatures on the planet. I ate meat and dairy for over 30 years and 1,000s of animals needlessly suffered because of me. So the next 30+ years (vegans generally live 8-13 years longer 🤞) will be dedicated towards making it right. That's my motivation but even if animals aren't on your mind when it comes to changing the way you eat that's ok. Wether it's health, longevity, performance, saving money, saving the planet, weight loss, your family, a six pack, etc I'll take what I can get. I just wanted you to know where I'm coming from. Much more to follow and I mean it when we say we're here to help so please get in touch. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. -John