We Bought Land..... In Maui! 🐖 ❤️ 🌴

This all happened a little sooner than we thought but Peacefield is one big step closer to becoming a reality. On a recent trip to Maui we toured a few potential lots and came away with a favorite. 5 acres located on Hana Highway on Maui’s north shore in Haiku. From the first time we set foot on the land it just felt right; peaceful, magical, and an ideal spot to start our next chapter. There were actually rescued cows (from our neighbor) already grazing the land. Although everything seemed perfect, we didn’t want to get our hopes up and kept our plans pretty private because there were so many steps ahead of us. Thanks to a lot of amazing people everything fell into place and as of this morning, we now have a home for Peacefield. It will be a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals and a place for humans to learn about these amazing creatures and the benefits of a plant based way of life. We still need to sell our dream home (get in touch if you’re in the market), prepare the land, build a house, etc… Ideally we’ll move in about a year while we get a few things rolling in the meantime. I’ll continue to tell stories and make wedding films - which reminds me, a huge special thank you to all the planners, families, and couples that have trusted me with their stories over the years, you have made this possible and we are forever grateful!

Last year we lost a friend suddenly in a freak accident. It made us realize how fragile and uncertain life can be. During the heartbreak it caused a reflection on what we would want to do with our lives if we could do anything. Almost at the same time we both said we’d want to help animals and share the good news of a plant based diet. With Maui’s steady flow of tourists we hope to do just that! We have had such a blast opening up our home and doing whole food plant based cooking/information nights and we cannot wait to do it amongst our new family members in paradise. There are a million more things that need to happen, and we have no doubt many challenges lie ahead, but today is a good day and we are so happy to give you the first glimpse of Peacefield Maui! 

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” -Steve Jobs