Update! We're headed to... Florida 🌴 🐓 ❤️!

If you’ve been following our journey you know that a plant based diet changed our lives for the better and as a way to give back we sold our dream home, cashed in savings, bought land in Maui, and wanted to build a farm animal sanctuary. You may have noticed a lack of updates, and that’s because as things were shifting we didn’t want to announce anything until it was a done deal - but now it’s a done deal. We’ve sold the land in Maui and bought a farm in Newberry, just outside of Gainesville, FL.

Maui is a remote paradise - and with that comes some added challenges. Logistical stuff like shipping and travel are a bit more complicated but ultimately the deciding factor was cost.  As bids starting coming in to build a modest home we realized that between the house and the land we’d be spending most of our money - before fencing, barns, farm equipment and establishing an emergency veterinary fund. We started to question if Maui was more for us vs. the mission and that prompted us to look for places where our resources could go further. Our only selfish prerequisite was no snow :) ❄️ 

That brought us to Peacefield’s new home, Newberry Florida. 30 magical acres, all fenced, with barn and shade structures, automatic water feeders at each pasture, over 150 fruit trees, rose bushes, and so much potential. There is even a guest house for visitors and volunteers. The land lives up to its name, although only about 10 minutes from downtown Gainesville and the University of Florida, there is total privacy and peace. 

At Peacefield we will rescue farm animals, be a resource to our community, and try to save the world. We’ll start with farm tours with a vegan message, plant based cooking classes, environmental impact education, and health/wellness programs. We have a million ideas and can’t wait to get started in a couple months.

I’ll continue to tell stories for work to support the mission. So to all my clients THANK YOU for making this possible and please keep hiring me 🎥 🙏. Emma will be the farm manager 🐄 👩‍🌾 💪, also using her skills as a nurse with nutrition training to help the community through our various wellness programs. There will be more updates soon but we just wanted to share this exciting news.