We're Officially a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit!

We’ve got big news. Peacefield is officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! After lots of paperwork we finally received our “letter of determination” from the IRS. 100% of all support has always gone to the animals and our mission but now it will be tax deductible! We take no salaries and personally cover a majority of the budget. It was important for us to always be on solid financial footing because we never wanted animal care or the longevity of Peacefield to be at risk. So we sold our dream house, cashed in savings, and followed this new dream. Not getting in over our heads is a priority and sometimes, as hard as it is, that means having to say “no”, but that’s also where your support makes the biggest difference. A monthly donation, at any amount, helps us plan for the future, know our capacity, and allows us to say “yes!” more often. And when we say 100% goes directly to the animals and our mission we mean it. We never co-mingle personal expenses and if anything we err on the other side. As you see big projects like the community garden, our airbnb, and others please know that zero donor dollars were used. Even though they’ll greatly benefit the sanctuary we strictly use support for animal care, rescue operations, the emergency vet fund, and community outreach like farm tours and plant based cooking classes. Your support means more to us than you know - financially and emotionally - and we treat every dollar with the utmost respect. Somedays it feels like a big uphill battle but things are changing, hearts and minds are opening, people are feeling better than they ever have, and once forgotten animals now have names, friends, and lots of love. Our mission statement might seem a little crazy but we truly believe this is a way to save the world. The ultimate win-win-win for animals, people, and the planet! To those already on the team THANK YOU and to those who’d like to join we’d love to have you!